Oil Pressure Switches

Oil Pressure Switches

An Oil Pressure Switch or Sensor is designed to assess the integrity of an enginelubrication system. The switch responds to any changes in engine oil pressure, and any fault is displayed via illumination of the oil pressure light in the dash.

Without the proper oil levels, major damage can occur to your engine. For your vehicle to monitor correct levels of oil pressure the switch needs to function correctly. The oil pressure switch is mounted to the engine block or filter housing and usually connected directly to the dash cluster.

When an incorrect oil pressure is noticed, the pressure sensor will cause the oil gauge/ light in the car to indicate this change or alert the ECU.  Like other sensors in an engine, failures need to be addressed.

Ignoring symptoms of a faulty oil pressure switch / sensor can lead to low oil levels, which can be very problematic for your engine.  These symptoms include:

  • Oil pressure light comes on
  • Oil pressure light inoperative
  • Oil pressure light flickers

Goss suggests replacing a faulty oil pressure sensor as soon as possible with a Goss replacement oil pressure switch to prevent damaging the vehicles engine.  Goss Oil Pressure switches are designed to meet original equipment manufacturer's specifications for each and every application.

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