Wheel Speed Sensors

Wheel Speed Sensors

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Your Premium Choice for Vehicle Safety and Performance 

Discover the transformative impact of Goss Wheel Speed Sensors on modern automotive technology. Our expansive range offers more than 350 high-quality sensors, soon to be augmented by an additional 350-plus part numbers. All units have been manufactured to meet OE specifications and have been tested and validated for performance and reliability. Elevate your driving safety and performance with our reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Wheel Speed Sensors, often labelled as ABS sensors, are pivotal in governing key vehicle safety features:


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS):

Our sensors detect real-time wheel speed, empowering the ABS to prevent wheel lock-up and maintain steering control during intensive braking.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC):

Leverage Goss Wheel Speed Sensors to facilitate ESC in rectifying oversteering or understeering scenarios. Precise brake application ensures vehicular control during unexpected maneuvers.


Traction Control System (TCS):

Ensure optimal traction on slippery surfaces as our sensors inform the TCS to regulate wheel spin during acceleration.


All-Wheel Drive (AWD) & Four-Wheel Drive (4WD):

Benefit from enhanced stability and grip through efficient torque distribution, enabled by our Wheel Speed Sensors.


Choose Goss for Unparalleled Wheel Speed Sensor Reliability in Australia
Entrust your vehicle's safety and performance to Goss. Our Wheel Speed Sensors are crafted to meet or surpass industry benchmarks, ensuring you quality repairs and peace of mind.

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