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GOSS is committed to ensuring that customers choose the right product for their application. Our Resource Centre gives you access to GOSS technical support and training through a variety of methods, as well as keeping you up to date with latest news, technical and product videos and technical documents. You also have access to our experienced customer service team.

Latest News & Technical Bulletins

3 Jun 2020

Transmission Speed Sensors

With somewhere between 60 to 100 sensors controlling today’s modern vehicles, it’s imperative to have a quality product, extensive range and competitive pricing. Goss’ offering is all of those things and more. Recently adding Transmission speed sensors to the ever expanding range

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1 Nov 2019

Goss hose makes the grade

Goss offer a large range of SAE compliant hose suitable for many applications

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31 Oct 2018

Goss add Fuel Rail Pressure Sensors

The Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor (RPS) is used on Common Rail Diesel and Direct Injection Petrol applications to provide the pressure reading in the fuel rail to the vehicles Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and is mounted in the fuel rail close to the injectors.

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