Injector Components

Injector Components

Injector seals and O-rings help provide vacuum pressure for injectors to work properly. They provide a seal to ensure no outside air leaks into the injectors or fuel vapours leak out. Some of the most common symptoms of a leaking petrol or diesel injector include difficulty starting, misfiring, poor fuel economy, reduced power and fuel vapours leaking into the vehicle.

In many cases this problem can be sorted inexpensively and quickly. It may be as simple as the fuel injector requiring a new seal and washer kit. Failures can be due to poor maintenance causing a large build up of carbon damaging the seal, or in the case of diesel injectors, physical damage caused if stubborn injectors require force whilst removing.

Injector repair kits

Goss offer a comprehensive range of Injector repair kits containing items such as upper & lower seals, buffer washers, filter baskets & pintle caps.  These kits allow the user to service their injectors as required.


Diesel washer kits

Goss recommend that when installing new diesel injectors you use one of the Goss Diesel washer kits that are now available. Components such as leak off washers, injector washers and heat shield, nozzle washers etc are included in kits as necessary.

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