Exhaust Gas Temp Sensors

Exhaust Gas Temp Sensors

The exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGTS) can be one of the most important sensors on a turbo-diesel-powered vehicle. The exhaust gas temperature sensor acts as a temperature level monitor for turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters and emission reduction systems.

The exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGTS), is located in front of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), detects exhaust gas temperature, converts it into a voltage. The engine ECM monitors this voltage signal in order to control engine conditions to effectively reduce emission and keep the engine within optimal operating conditions. Using the exhaust gas temperature sensor, the ECM monitors the ideal operating point as well as for potential protection of temperature overload of the related components, making the exhaust gas temperature sensor a very important component for the reduction of harmful emissions from vehicles on the road. It can warn vehicle owners of potentially damaging situations in the engine, and it can also be used as a guide for optimizing fuel economy.

Goss Exhaust gas temperature sensors are sourced from many of the world’s leading OEM suppliers.


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