AC Pressure Switches

AC Pressure Switches

The Air Conditioning (A/C) pressure switch’s main function is to monitor refrigerant pressures on both the high and low side of your vehicles A/C system. it provides a safety cut-off when pressures are outside their limits.

When the refrigerant pressure drops too low it can damage the A/C compressor, this usually occurs if there is a leak in the system. If the refrigerant pressure is too high it can cause an explosion in the system, this usually occurs if there is a blockage in the system.

If an A/C pressure switch is faulty it will affect the functionality of your cars A/C climate control system. Some symptoms can be more difficult to diagnose than others and some will log diagnostic fault codes and lead you in the right direction. The most common symptom of a faulty A/C pressure switch is intermittent or no function of the A/C system.

If you have diagnosed a faulty A/C pressure switch and looking for a quality aftermarket replacement, GOSS have these in their ever-expanding range.

All GOSS sensors are sourced from OES manufacturers and meet or exceed OE specifications.

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